New Guitar Instructors!

I am really excited to welcome Jordan Beck as a guitar instructor at Amari Studios! Starting March 1, 2014, Jordan will be taking most of the new students as my schedule is at max capacity. Jordan has a teaching style very similar to mine as he has taken lessons from me for over five years and counting. Jordan is not only an advanced guitar player, but is proficient on the saxophone, as well! At his high school, Jordan is active in the Marching Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band, Woodwind Choir, and Show Choir Band. Outside of school, he plays both saxophone and guitar in the church band on Sundays and enjoys playing piano in his free time. Jordan has a solid musical background and is excited to share his love of guitar playing with others! His patience, fun personality, and love for music will make a great addition to the studio!


I am also very excited to have Kyle Dowling with the team! Kyle is going on 5 years and counting as an advanced student and guitar player at the studio. Like Jordan, his teaching style is well represented in a similar fashion as Micah’s. At his high school, Kyle started up a guitar club program where he led the class, taught many students, and took on a leadership role where he introduced his peers to the guitar. Kyle is also very active in his church worship team and stays busy playing guitar on Sundays. He spends many hours helping with the guitar club that his church hosts. Not only does Kyle play guitar, but also is proficient on the drums and bass guitar. He is in regular rotation at his church on all three instruments. Kyle is very devoted to the guitar and spends most of his free time practicing and honing in on the craft of guitar playing. He has inspired many friends and family members to pick up the guitar and he is excited to share his love of the instrument with others here at the studio. For Kyle, guitar playing is a passion.