Our main goal is not only to share our love for the guitar with others, but to ensure our students enjoy the learning process and are having fun from week to week.


Micah Wetzel

Micah Wetzel is the owner of Amari Studios. Along with teaching at Amari Studios, Micah has had experience as a guitar instructor at the University Of South Dakota. In addition, Micah is an active musician performing around the area both as a solo artist and with his band, Goodroad. Check out the shows page to see where Micah and the band will be playing next. Thanks for your votes in helping our band make #1 Local Best in 2014!!!

Kyle Dowling

Kyle is going on 6 years and counting as an advanced student and guitar player at the studio. Due to his history at Amari Studios, Kyle's teaching style is well represented in a similar fashion as Micah’s.

You may have heard of his band, Duel. Check out their website at www.duelrocks.com. Kyle currently plays lead guitar and has had the role of being their drummer for a short time. They have played hundreds of gigs at bars and private events, as well as weddings. They are currently in the recording studio working on their newest album!  

At his high school, Kyle started up a guitar club program where he led the class, taught many students, and introduced his peers to the guitar. Kyle is also very active in his church worship team and stays busy playing guitar on Sundays. Kyle spends many hours helping with the guitar club that his church hosts, as well. Kyle is very devoted to the guitar and spends most of his free time practicing and honing in on the craft of guitar playing. He has inspired many friends and family members to pick up the guitar and he is excited to share his love of the instrument with others here at the studio. For Kyle, guitar playing is a passion.




Josh Lentz is the newest addition to the studio! Along with being a great guitar player, he's fantastic with kids, patient, and has a great personality, making him easy to get along with. He leads worship every Sunday at his church, pairing his guitar playing and vocals. He has spent countless years fine tuning his craft, understanding amps and pedal combos, as well as the ins and outs of guitar repair. Josh has been in multiple vocal choirs over the years and has taken individual vocal lessons in aiding his guitar skills. He has also taken numerous music theory classes and loves sharing with his students the fundamentals of how theory is applied to the guitar. He's been a student of mine for many years, so students will appreciate consistency between our teaching methods. We are beyond excited to have him join us. We know you will, too!

Luis Martinez


Luis Martinez is our newest instructor and will be joining us from The Brennen Rock and Roll Academy. Luis taught and worked with children of all ages and wrote the guitar curriculum used to help create organization for the Academy. He also worked as their repairman doing setups and repairs to the many guitars the kids used. His outgoing and fun personality is such a great addition to his teaching skills. Kids will love him! He is currently working towards his online guitar performance degree from Berklee College of Music. With one year and a 3.9 GPA under his belt, he is looking to further his skills and training to be the best teacher he can be. We look forward to having him join our team and know you will, too!